♡ General Rules♡

In order to commission me you must be able to provide a flat reference image (i.e. no shading) with little to no watermarking and small description of the character.*

I have the right to refuse any commission at any time.

You may use any of my work that you pay for on any site or social media as long as I am credited somewhere within the post, page, or status.

♡ Age Restrictions ♡

I will not work with clients under the age of 13 without explicit parent permission. Proof of ID will be required if you are under this age.

Clients must be at least 16 years of age to order candy gore commissions.

I will not take explicit NSFW orders for clients under the age of 18. I.e. pornography, fetish art, heavy gore.

If I suspect age falsities from a client I reserve the right to ask for proof of identification from either the client or their parent / guardian.

♡ Payment and Queue ♡

Payment needs to be sent in full before the piece(s) are started on by the artist.

Clients who want to order in bulk are eligible for a slight discount.

Refunds may be requested before a commission is started or is in the sketch phase. Any time after, a client is no longer eligible for a refund.

My queue length varies from time to time, my typical wait length unless specified is anywhere from 1 day to two months. I attempt to have everything out to clients two weeks after order, but things do come up and life happens.

If a client continues to hassle or constantly ask about a commission during their wait period (more than 3 times in a week), I have every right to refuse finishing the commission.

My queue is always listed at the bottom of the main screen

♡ Designs ♡

Designs may be sold for the same price as they were purchased, unless they have more art along with them.

Designs may be traded or gifted to any user, but at this point their value resets to 0$.

Designs may be tweaked, edited, and changed as the client sees fit, but credit must still be given for the base design.

♡ About Me ♡

Hello! My name is Ace, I'm 21 years old, I use he/ they / fae pronouns and am trans-masc nonbinary.

I am a full time veterinary technician and often work 40-45 hours every week, so my queue time may vary.

I have a big heart towards animals and have studied them for 5-6 years now. My main passion, however is my art. I aspire to eventually be a full time merch creator.


I will draw feral ocs and anthro ocs

I will draw NSFW art!

Couple art is fine, but does have a fee due to the additional character, same with group pieces

I am willing to draw more complex characters with a fee.

Humans / Humanoids are able to be commissioned with a 5$ fee.

I am ok with drawing fan art! I will ask upon completion if the commissioner is okay with me reproducing it, if not then it will not be reproduced.

Self insert art is a ok!

I can also draw with binary pen, please just ask!


I will not draw nsfw art for minors, if I suspect you lying about your age I will ask for proof (liscence, etc)

I will not draw heavy mecha based designs

Anything involving racism, homophobia, xenophobia, or hateful themes will not be tolerated

I will not draw heavy gore, candy gore is fine and comes with a fee.


Listed below are the different physical products that I offer for sale. Please keep in mind due to the nature of this website I manually go through and process payments for orders, I will be updating what is still in stock twice a week. (Tuesday and Saturday)


Prints are currently on hold while I wait for them from the manufacturer.


More pins are available for purchase in the form below!

Merchandise Purchases are currently CLOSED as I am moving again and in the progress of redoing my shop.


Pricing + Types

★ Upcharges ★
Humanoids - 5$
Complex designs- +5% of price
Candy Gore - +10% of price (bust, fullbody, and scene only)
NSFW - +20% of price (fullbody and scene only)

★ Pokemon Cards ★

Pokemon Cards are done in one style fits all sort of sense, the only difference is if you choose shading or not!

Please click the images for higher quality previews

Unshaded - 30$
Shaded -40$
Shipping in US- 5$
Shipping Outside of us - Case by Case basis

★ Pixel Icons ★

Pixel Icons are done in two styles, small and large. These are headshots or bust shots of your character using a pixel brush. Best for use on DeviantART.

Please click the images for higher quality previews

Small (50x50)
Flat Color (10$), Shaded (15$), Linked Flat Color (20$), Linked Shaded (25$)

Large (100x100):
Flat Color (30$), Shaded (35$), Linked Flat (55$), Linked Shaded (65$)

★ Polished Icons ★

These are bust up shots including either one or both paws / hands. These format well for Discord, toyhou.se, and Twitter.

Regular with Solid BG (10$ for Flat color, 15$ for Shaded), Regular with Detailed BG (20$ Flat color, 30$ shaded), Painty (30$), Animal Crossing (25$)

★ Bust ★

Busts are mid chest up, similar to polished icons, but in a larger canvas size.

Sketch (10$), Flat Color (20$), Shaded (30$)

★ Fullbody ★

A fullbody image of your oc.

Sketch (30$), Flat Color (40$), Shaded (55$)

Each aditional character is half of the price of each type.
i.e. Sketch with 2 Characters: 52.50$

★ Scenes ★

Scenes include one character plus a full background.

Sketch (50$), Full (80$), Full with Shade (100$)

Additional characters are 35$ per character. Complex Backgrounds (city scenery, indoor scenery) are an additional 30$ up charge.

★ Customs ★

Custom designs start at 45$ with a front view, they can be turned into a custom ref sheet combination on a case by case basis.

★ Reference Sheets ★


Standard reference sheets start at 80$ and include a front and back view OR two forms (i.e. anthro and feral) plus the color palette, name and pronouns.

Clothed chibis: 15$ per
Head shot with emotion: 5$ per

Fetishes I will not do

Diapers, Non-con, ageplay / underage / cub / loli / pedophilia, scatplay, vomit, feral, goreporn / gorn / snuff / genital mutalation, necrophilia, incest, raceplay, ageup porn etc. If you have a question about a kink please feel free to dm me and ask.